Who may become our partner?

We welcome cooperation with anyone who wants to join us to effectively help those who need it. We prefer cooperation to competition.

However the cooperation is only possible when there is a trust among partners. So if you want to cooperate and you would like to know more than you can find at our website, please, don't hesitate to contact us.

Here is the listing of all our current partners:



Library and printing-house for the blind of K. E. Macan. We cooperate since 1995.

National Agency for European Educational Programmes

Endowment Fund of Czech Broadcast



Endowment Fund of Czech Broadcast and its project "Svetluska" gave support to these projects:

Linuxtag Accessibility Forum


Linuxtag Accessibility Forum takes place on Linuxtag, the largest European event concerning Free Software, Linux and Open Source. Accessibility Forum is a meeting of developers and users engaged in use of GNU/Linux by handicapped users with the aim to mutually coordinate development of various projects.



Conservatory and Tuner School of Jan Deyl which educates blind young musicians.