We offer complete services in the field of custom software development:

  • project management
  • software design
  • programming
  • documantation
  • localization
  • testing
  • bug solving, communication with users
  • integration to a distribution

Brailcom is primarily focused on technologies based on Free/Open Source Software and open standards. In accord with that we also provide all the source code and documentation for all our products under a free licence. This gives our customers the guarantee of protection of their investments and a free choice in further development of their information technologies.

Solved areas

A brief list of the fields most often addressed follows. You can find a list of concrete projects we have done in the section Projects.

  • database desin and implementation (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle)
  • graphical user interfaces programming (X Window, wx Widgets, GTK, XUL)
  • programming of web applications (HTML/XML, CSS, CGI, Apache, Perl, Python, JavaScript, AJAX)
  • content management systems
  • accessibility, alternative user interfaces, multimedia a multimodal interfaces
  • internacionalization/localization of applications
  • network communication (TCP/IP)
  • security of data and communication (PKI, SSL/TLS)
  • computer network administration (DNS, IP technologies)
  • administration of POSIX systems (GNU/Linux, Irix, AIX, BSD)
  • document creation, markup and transformation (Lout, TeX/LaTeX, Texinfo, DocBook, DSSSL, XSL).
  • automatized parsing (Bison, DCG)
  • speech synthesis (Festival)

Our team is experienced in the following programming techniques:

  • procedural and system programming (C, Assembler)
  • logical and declarative programming (Prolog, Mercury, SQL)
  • object oriented programming (Common Lisp, Python, Perl, Java, C++)
  • scripting (shell, awk, Perl, Python)
  • high-level programming (Common Lisp, Elisp, Python, Mercury)
  • modular design
  • literate programming

We communicate in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Czech