Our projects are meant either for visually impaired individuals or for organizations working for good of visually impaired. All the services are provided free of charge. We expect diligence and willingness to help others who need it. Feel free to contact us if you think you might utilize our services.

Open Solutions

IT technologies may help effectively reduce the impact of serious impairments. They are rapidly changing and developing. It is necessary to find the most efficient solutions allowing us to help as large a number of people as possible with the limited resources available. "Open Solutions" are a proven method of reaching the widest target group possible, with limited resources and facilities.

Open Solutions dramatically reduce costs of assistive technologies, so it is also possible to help effectively to people from poor or less developed countries. It is the way to overcome the economical barriers.

Open solutions prefer cooperation to rivalry.

It also allows disabled people themselves to take part in the process of solving their problems.

By the term "Open Solutions" we particularly mean the solutions based on open and free standards and open non-restrictive licenses (GPL, BSD etc.).

The Key Projects



This project brings the new opportunities of using the digital signature for communication with state offices into the practice. This is a great step towards independence of blind people.



The project Free Software for blind and severely visually impaired brings completely new opportunities in the field of making computers accessible to visually impaired users.



The English name would be "The Newsstand". This project gave visually impaired people a chance to read daily newspaper and magazines through Internet from our server.



The goal of this international project is to decrease the unemployment rate of blind and low-vision people by improving their qualification. We develop an E-learning application to deliver courses of English and German language to blind people in several European countries through Internet.



Internet for the blind and sorely visually impaired. The project includes support for individuals, organizations and institutions. We believe that Internet is an outstanding opportunity to compensate the loss of vision.